Flexible Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible Pass is the No 1 and first ever healthy lifestyle membership pass that gives you access to over 200+ locations in Myanmar for 50+ different categories including fitness, sports activities, fun activities, wellness, healthy food, supplements, exercise equipment and apparel.
  • Pay-as-you-go model; only pay on your actual usage
  • Discover and explore the services near you or the best recommended ones by other users
  • Make bookings easily with your membership pass
  • Get Exclusive deals and exclusive privileges according to each membership plan
  • One membership for all your fitness and wellness needs
  • Download the Flexible Pass app and create your account with your email address, Facebook Account or Apple ID.
  • Choose your membership plan
  • Discover & Choose from 8 main fitness and wellness categories
  • Find the best fitness and wellness services
  • Make your booking with your membership
  • Enjoy a Comfortable Booking Experience
We will be serving with 4 different membership plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Your membership plan will be provided with a set of points which could be used to make bookings. Each membership plan will also have different privileges such as free bookings or discounts from our partners and so on. We will announce more details of the privileges soon on our official Facebook Page and Website soon.
When you buy a Flexible Pass membership, it comes with a set of points that you can use to make bookings. You can make as many bookings as long as you have enough points left in your membership. The validity of the points are different according to each membership plan as below:
  • Bronze Membership (25,000 points with 1 month validity)
  • Silver Membership (50,000 points with 3 months validity)
  • Gold membership (150,000 points with 6 months validity)
  • Diamond membership (300,000 points with 1 year validity)
1 Point is equivalent to 1 MMK.
Yes, your remaining points will expire if you don’t finish using them before the expiry date.
You can extend the points by renewing your membership plan before it’s expiry date and the points’ validity will be changed according to the higher membership plan. Let’s say, you only have 20,000 points remaining in your Gold membership and it still has 5 months validity. If you purchase a Bronze Membership Plan, you would have a total of 45,000 points and have 5 months validity instead of the 1 month validity of the bronze plan. Or you have 10,000 Points remaining in your Bronze membership and still have 7 days validity. If you upgrade to a silver membership, you would have a total of 60,000 points valid for 3 months.
The points of each booking depends on the activities and locations of the partners and you can see the number of points that cost for each booking in the application.
No, any expired points cannot be refunded. Instead, you could extend the points before expiry date by renewing your membership plan.
If you upgrade from a lower membership plan to a higher membership plan, your privileges will be as higher membership plan whereas if you downgrade from a higher membership plan to a lower membership plan, your privileges will be as lower membership plan. For example, if you upgrade your membership from Bronze to Silver, your privileges will be as a Silver Member and if you downgrade your membership from Diamond to Gold, you will only have the privileges as a Gold Member not any more the Diamond membership privileges.
You can check them in “Home tab” and your membership will be differentiated with respect icons and colors.
  • Bronze membership – 25,000 MMK
  • Silver membership – 50,000 MMK
  • Gold membership – 150,000 MMK
  • Diamond membership – 300,000 MMK
You can buy Flexible Pass using the following methods:
  • Bank transfer (KBZ, CB, AYA)
  • Online debit and credit cards
  • WavePay
  • KBZPay
  • OnePay
  • Convenience stores such as Grab & Go and abc
You couldn’t exchange it with the cash once you bought it.
You couldn’t cancel your membership plan once you bought it. You can extend it before the expiry date.
Flexible Pass can be used in 10+ cities of Myanmar such as Yangon, Mandalay and so on. Currently, according to Covid 19 restrictions, it could only be used in Yangon. We will let you know the updates on our official Facebook Page and website.
Not only for fitness but also for other services like sports activities, fun activities, wellness, healthy food, supplements, exercise equipment and apparel.
You can book the services with Flexible Pass membership plan as below: Buy a membership plan that works best for you. Choose the service you want to try or browse the locations nearest to you. Make bookings with your membership pass. Choose the day you would like to make the booking and book it with a single tap. Show your booking QR code when you arrive at your booked venue and enjoy the service.
For most of the activities, you do not need to book in advance. However, for some activities such as horse riding you may need to book in advance. It is indicated in the app the number of hours of day you need to book those activities in advance.
No, bookings cannot be cancelled once they are booked.
You can just show the QR code in your app for the booking for verification at the booked venue and they will verify it by recording it or scanning it. After that you can enjoy and start using your booked activity.
You can redeem a promo code by going to the “Menu” tab and clicking on the “Redeem Promo Code” button and enter the promo code there to redeem it.
No, points cannot be transferred from one account of Flexible Pass to another account of Flexible Pass.
No, Flexible Pass account and membership is only for personal use and cannot be shared between friends or family members.
You can contact our customer service team to help you with it as below:
Facebook Page Message Box : www.facebook.com/flexiblepass
Email : info@flexiblepass.com
Customer Service Hotline : +959966854000
Viber : +959966854000
You can see it by going to the “Menu” tab and clicking on the “Tutorial Guide” button.
If you’d like to reach out to us – we’re always excited to hear from you!
For any feedback, questions, concerns, complaints, inquiries or help, please email us at info@flexiblepass.com or contact use our phone number 09 966 854000.
Thanks for your interest in partnering with us. Please email us at info@flexiblepass.com or contact use our phone number 09 966 854000.